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Check Availability

The Rainbows End Resort - Family Lakefront Vintage Vacation Cabins! Now accepting reservations for the 2017 Season! Book Early!

When you're looking to download in a natural, relaxing environment with lake front views, cool breezes, gentle waves lapping at our shore, the sound of children's laughter and swapping stories with other 'campers', then the Rainbows End Resort is ready to help!

The Rainbows End Resort has been a Lake Chetek fixture since 1940 when the resort was originally opened. Over the years their have been just a few of us privileged enough to be a part of enjoying and sharing the resort with others, and today, the Seiberling Family welcomes you to join us!

Our resort offers five wooden cabins and three mobile homes all with lake frontage or lake views. Our land is relatively level, so access to the lake is unhindered and easy for all ages. We provide fish houses to clean your catch, a grassy beachfront, a private swim area, resort wide campfire and the gentle, relaxing nature that the resort is famous for!

If you must be connected, we do have very limited internet available. Our DVD collection has movie choices sure to appeal to everyone and for those quieter times, we have a small book library too!

The Seiberling Family welcomes you to join us at the Rainbows End Resort for the 2016 Season which will close on September 16. Reservations sell out every year so make your choices early and remember that it's never too early to reserve for 2017.

Can't find what you are looking for? 1-800-576-4492