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Lake Information

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The Six Lakes...

                          of the chain (Chetek, Prairie, Pokegama, Ojaski, Moose Ear, and Ten Mile)  are fed on the north by Rice Creek which originates from a tag alder and tamarack swamp and flows into Prairie Lake, and by German and Pokegama creeks which combine to flow into Ojaski lake. Moose Ear Creek begins as a rock bottomed stream in the Blue Hills and flows southwest into Moose Ear Lake. In its upper part it is a brook and brown trout stream. Ten Mile and Beaver Creek are warm water streams which flow into Ten Mile Lake. The extensive marshland surrounding these two streams provide excellent habitat for beaver, muskrat and nesting for migratory waterfowl.


Aeial View of Chetek Chain

The Entire Chain...

                                   of lakes are soft-water drainage lakes with their water level held by the dam located between Lake Chetek and the Chetek River.
     The fish population in the lakes include northern pike, walleye, large and smallmouth bass, bluegill, black crappie, perch, bullhead, and rock bass.
     These lakes have always been noted for their abundant supply of panfish and excellent catches of northern pike and bass.

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Pokegama Lake...
has 494 surface acres and a depth of nineteen feet.
Chetek Lake...
with a maximum depth of 22 feet has 683 surface acres.
Ojaski Lake...
covers 597 surface acres with a maximum depth of fifteen feet.
Moose Ear Lake...
  on the lower part of Moose Ear Creek, has 33.6 surface acres with a maximum depth of six feet.
Prairie Lake...
  the largest of the chain has a maximum depth of sixteen feet and 1,545 surface acres.
Ten Mile Lake...
   has a maximum depth of ten feet and 393 surface acres.

For more information visit the Chetek Lake Protection Web Site


Click on the links below for more tidbits and trivia about the Chetek Chain of Lakes .

Floating Island...
     Like watching the grass grow, or the paint drying? This moving experience reached a top speed of almost 30 feet per hour. Check it out!
Crying Fowl...
    Fall on the Chain of Lakes can be really cool. But it's guaranteed to fun with our pre-winter visitors.
Hard water, hard driving...
    What to do with almost 700 acres of unoccupied frozen water? There's ice fishing, snowmobiling, and some other winter activities.
Watch for winter soft spots...
  Not all ice is the same. It's a good thing the lakes near the shoreline aren't very deep. Maybe this is why folks visit here mostly in the summer!

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